We're off to Outer Space...
... We're leaving Mother Earth ...
... To Save the Human Race.

Our story spans nearly a century of Earth's future.

Our Backstory: The Original Anime...

Star Blazers (2199) Collage

First aired in Japan in 1974 under the name Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato), Star Blazers premiered in the United States in 1979 and had a profound affect on popular culture.

Riding the tide of science fiction popularity brought about by Star Wars and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, among others, Star Blazers was featured overarching plots, deep character development, and delved into issues never before seen on what was dismissed 'a children's show'.

Spanning three seasons and over seventy episodes (as well as five movies in Japan), the original run of Star Blazers came to end in 1985. In Japan the series was rebooted and re-imagined several times, including as a live action movie and two new TV series, Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 and its sequel 2202.

The impact of the show on pop culture around the world cannot be overstated. In Japan it literally began an entire genre of TV, film and storytelling across multiple media. In the U.S., nods to Star Blazers continue to appear, and a new live action movie is in development in Hollywood as this is written.

Sea of Stars is a continuation of the story of Star Blazers. If you don't remember the show, or never saw the Japanese movies, don't worry. We've got your back. Check out our documentary episode "The Argo: Sailor of the Stars" for a full catch up.

Forward Momentum Productions is proud to have contributed to the mythos of the show, even in our small, fannish way.

Sea of Stars: A Voyage of the Space Cruiser Argo

Our story begins.

Bridging the Gap: Season Zero

Twelve years pass between the end of Star Blazers and the beginning of Sea of Stars. Our special episode, “Inavsion!” tells the story of the first seven of them.

Season One: The Scourge Fleet

The Earth fought off the first Comet Empire invasion in 2202, but ten years later the Empire returned and this time, our world fell before their might. After five years of brutal oppression, our planet is a dried, dead husk. Our Imperial masters have decided that before they can move on, the earth must be destroyed and has sent a massive fleet to sterilize the planet's surface.

The first season of Sea of Stars ran for six episodes.

Season Two: The Cycle Resumed

The enemies of Earth gather. The Comet Emperor rallies his forces to obliterate humanity from the cosmos. A mad quest for revenge, and a whisper from the past may yet shape the future.

The second season of Sea of Stars also ran for six episodes.

What does the future hold?

Coming to Forward Momentum Productions.

The Odyssey Begins...

Sea of Stars: Odyssey logo

Sea of Stars: Odyssey is the next project from Forward Momentum Productions.

Set fifty years after the end of Voyage, Odyssey is the story of the next generation to serve aboard the Argo. It is a tale of political intrigue, the rise and fall of empires and the very human story of betrayal, friendship, and redemption.

While the series itself is still in pre-production, we do have a nice little treat for all the loyal fans, We call it the “The Odyssey Begins,” a series of short stories that will introduce some of our new characters, and bridge the gap of the last fifty years in the Star Blazers universe.