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Characters from "A Voyage of the Space Cruiser Argo"

Most of the series takes place aboard the rebuilt space battleship Argo. Her crew, the Star Force, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life. This haggard, rag-tag band of resistance fighters have to come together and work as a team to avert the coming annihilation of humanity, and the destruction of Earth itself. But common cause is not always the strongest bond. People, as always, are flawed...

Michael Vega

Michael Vega was born to be an explorer. Originally the youngest of three brothers, Never content with a life on Earth, Michael entered the Exploration and Cosmic Studies program at the Space Academy as soon as he could. He wanted nothing more than a billet on the first deep-range exploration ship that would have him. Then the Empire invaded.

One family member at a time, the Occupation slowly whittled Vega's family down to just himself, and his eldest brother, Richard, who was serving with the remains of the EDF fleet beyond the Solar system. An uncomfortable solider at best, Michael Vega joined the earthside resistance, and has been fighting the empire ever since.

The two driving forces in his life are his surviving brother Richard, and the hope that one day the Comet Empire will be driven off, and he may yet realize his dream of seeing other worlds. Around other people, Vega is rather quiet and shy. He's been harboring a crush on Sam Vandom for nearly three years now, and his best friend, Neville Drake keeps teasing him about it. But Vega can't bring himself to try and bring his and Sam's friendship to the next level.

Michael Vega is voiced by Sean Hill.

Neville Drake

Neville is the son of a rich farm conglomerate owner who (at least publicly) is collaborating with the Comet Empire Occupation to provide food and other resources to the Imperial military. Neville had a very public falling out with his family over this and left home to join the EDF rebellion. His father publicly disowned him at that point, although he started secretly funneling food and resources to the Rebels.

A suave talker, Neville looks on his best friend, Michael Vega, as something of a project. He's always pushing Mike to confess his feelings for their mutual friend Sam Vandom, before someone else does.

Friendly and outgoing, Drake is always the first one to shake hands, the guy who buys the first round, and probably the next one too. He enjoys cutting loose and having fun, even when it seems somewhat inappropriate.

Coming from a wealthy background, some of the privations of his new life were a major adjustment, but Drake has settled into his role well, and goes out of his way to make such transitions easier for new people around him. Neville Drake is a one-man welcoming comittee.

As the Cheif Navigator/Pilot of the Argo, Drake commands a section of about thirty crewmen. His relaxed style and willignness to shoulder any birden to get the job done, has earned the respect of not just his section, but the rest of the crew as well.

Neville Drake is voiced by Scott Breakall.

Sam Vandom

Sam is something of the den mother to this wild pack of young men.

Most of the male crew harbor a small crush on her, but she wants nothing to do with the boys. She will joking say she "prefers a real man". Warm and caring, she's always the first to try and soothe a wounded soul. Always willing to go out of her way to help those in need, Same joined the resistance, not out of duty or desire for revenge, but because she felt she could do the most good there.

Deep in her heart she despises the violence, the killing. But despite this, she will fiercely defend her friends and her home. Sam is the den mother, get between her and her charges, and it will leave scars.

Sam has an uncanny ability to spot patterns in random-seeming data. Her primary duties at resistance headquarters were to identify possible gaps in Earth's orbital defenses, and assist the remaining EDF fleet in smuggling supplies and provisions down to Earth. She's a natural for the post of Radar Officer. Very little happens that she ISN'T aware of.

Sam Vandom is voiced by Philippa Ballantine.

Joachin Reyes

Reyes is the class clown, there's just no other way to say it. He's always ready with a quip or a joke, anything to help lighten the mood a bit. The fact that a lot of his humor is in bad taste, doesn't slow him in the slightest.

Sometimes, his sarcasm is perfect for defusing tense situations, but sometimes, it only intensifies bad feelings among his fellow officers. Ordinarily, this sort of personality flaw would automatically reject someone from serving in an area where people are always in each other' faces and personal issues can explode beyond all proportion. But in Joachin's case, it's a small price to pay.

The reason his superiors put up with his cheekiness, is that there's no one better than Joachin Reyes at what he does. He can look at an encrypted signal and pick it apart faster than most decryption computers. Most Communications Officers think of their job as a science, to Reyes, it's high art. He takes great pride his his skill, perhaps too much.

Being one of the younger fighters in the EDF resistance, Reyes is still a bit unsure of himself, or his place in the social hierarchy. Maybe that's why he's such a smart-ass, or maybe he just comes by it naturally after all.

Joachin Reyes is voiced by Nathan P. Butler.

Derek Wildstar

Derek Wildstar is a pivotal figure in Earth's recent history. He's commanded men in battle, literally saved humanity several times, and forged the first tentative friendships between Earth and extra-terrestrial powers.

And he's not yet fifty years old.

The de facto Captain of the Argo at the time, Derek Wildstar played a major role in the defeat of the first Comet Empire invasion in 2202. He continued in this role for the next four years until, feeling he'd done his bit for king and country, Derek left the EDF in 2206 to enter the civilian sector.

He continued to serve Earth, however, by becoming a liaison between the EDF and a major defense contractor, Sandor Aerospace.

He didn't rejoin the military until just after the second Imperial invasion, following the disastrous battle at Jupiter. Given his experience, and the dearth of officers with his grasp of logistics, Derek quickly rose to the rank of Colonel in the EDF Resistance.

A grim and quiet man. The burden of command falls heavily upon him.

Of all the people who served aboard the Argo, Derek Wildstar is the sole surviving Officer. He feels a great deal of guilt regarding members of the Star Force who fell in the invasion. While he doesn't allow his feelings about it to affect his current command, his refusal to talk about the past shows that something is slowly eating away at him from the inside. This is a major cause of concern for his closest friends.

Derek Wildstar is voiced by Joe Harrison.

Hans Schneider

Hans is frightfully intelligent. He was used as a lab assistant/slave by a Comet Empire scientist trying to unravel the secrets of the inert Cosmo DNA machine the Argo retrieved from the planet Iscandar. Upon his escape two years ago, Hans joined the EDF resistance.

Very level and quiet in his demeanor, Hans often fades into the background in any sort of social environment. This sort of brusque, impersonal distance can rub people the wrong way, especially people like Reyes, who has made it his mission in life to get a rise of of "Herr Spock."

He can be very cold and calculating, and rarely expresses much emotion. He uses his own coolness as a shell, a shield wall to fend off his crewmates and humanity in general. In fact, one could almost call him robotic, if not for the fact that he plays the most beautiful violin. It's as if he walls the human side of his character away until he can let it out in private. Hans never plays when he thinks someone may hear him.

The only subject on which he speaks with any passion, is that of Science. Hans firmly believes that the defeat of the Comet Empire can only come through advancements in our own technology.

Hans Schneider is voiced by Zach McCue.

Mac Stevens

Mac Stevens seems like he was born to be a Gunnery Officer. Aggressive, combative and just downright mean, Mac loves to hear the big guns go BOOM. He never backs down when challenged, but he also respects the same trait in others.

Trained in heavy weapons, Mac fosters a deep-seeded need to kill aliens, and he doesn't trust anyone who's too close to them, regardless of their side in the war. This comes from the fact that his family was murdered by a Comet Empire officer just to make a point. He had to watch as they killed his wife and did worse than kill his daughter. Mac doesn't talk about it.

His personal tragedy fuels his insatiable desire to kill the enemy. Make no mistake about it, Mac is a very troubled soul who wants nothing more than to lash out at those who have hurt him. While he won't endanger his comrades in pursuit of this goal, no one wants to get between him and the enemy.

Mac does have a side that remembers something other than anger. He can be incredibly gentle when moved to be so. He's sort of adopted Colin after their first meeting. After all, if he doesn't watch out for him, the little guy might get hurt.

It's easy to sum him up as a belligerent revenge-seeker, but remember the old adage, still waters run deep... deep waters, are cold.

Mac Stevens is voiced by Emry Kinney.

Colin O'Donnell

Colin is a short Irishman... who suffers from "Short-Irishman's-Syndrome".

He is combative and aggressive, but unlike others in the crew, Colin doesn't know when to quit. The first time Colin and Mac met they instantly bonded, but not before Colin tried to knock the larger man on his butt.

Arrogant, hot-tempered, and entirely too bold... If you're looking for a fight then step up, Colin will always oblige you. But don't worry, after it's been proven that he can kick your butt six ways to Sunday, the first round of beer's on him. Sure, he;s started more than his fair share of fights, but rarely with the same person twice.

Having grown up in the rich farmlands of the then-restored Ireland, Colin can barely stand to look at Earth as it is now... the air muddy, the waters sullied, the land ripped open and its bounty plundered. He never talks about it, but when all this is over, he wants to return to the land of his birth, and try to set right some of the damage that's been done.

Colin O'Donnell is voiced by Jim Perry.

Jordy Venture

Jordan Venture, "Jordy" to his friends, is the younger brother of the Argo's original navigator, Mark Venture. Since he was a young boy he had one goal, to join the Star Force and defend the Earth. His brother's death in the old Star Force's last battle fifteen years ago has not diminished that goal.

Jordy always had a fascination with starships, and is a natural engineer. He actually entered the Academy a year early on special recommendation by several former Star Force members.

At the academy, he showed remarkable ability to improvise. One of the few EDF fleet officers to survive the battle of Jupiter, Jordy was returned to Earth after his lifepod was captured by enemy forces. He was interred in a P.O.W. camp for several months before escaping and joining the resistance, where he again came to the attention of Derek Wildstar.

Wildstar assigned him to complete the Argo's reconstruction, which had been abandoned years earlier after he successful salvage. Jordy has been taking care of the Argo ever since.

Technically the Executive Officer of the new Star Force, Jordan Venture sees himself as the stern, but fair spokesman of this ragtag crew of boys. He has deep abiding affection, maybe even love, for Sam though. He's actually pretty flustered around her outside of work settings. He doesn't have the guts to ask her out though...

Jordan Venture is voiced by Dave Frizzell.


A genius-level (series nine) robot, IQ9 is responsible for much of the automated functions aboard the re-built Argo.

IQ is not merely an android, or limited-A.I. automaton. His programming has become so densely and richly detailed that somewhere along the line, he became self-aware. He is treated a a full member of the crew, and feels it his duty to not only protect his organic shipmates, but to safeguard the legacy of the former crew members as well.

It was IQ9 who was responsible for maintaining the Argo after the rebuilding effort stalled in early 2208. He was joined in this task by Jordan Venture nearly five years later.

IQ9 is voiced by Jonathan Edward Dolnier.

Mei Gideon

Mei is the granddaughter of Argus Gideon, the man who commanded the EDF fleet in the invasion of `02. She lived with her mother and grandfather, but after his death she was often looked after by Captain Wildstar and Nova Forester, his fiancee.

Raised in a military family and surrounded by heroes for most of her life, it's no wonder that she entered the Space Fighter Training School at her earliest opportunity. She was top of her class from day one. Mei is driven to prove herself, she wanted to earn a place for herself in her extended family, not by affection, but by merit.

Mei leads by example. She will quickly come to the defense of any of her pilots or personell, ans they will crawl through fire for her.

After the conquest of Earth by the Comet Empire in 2212, she joined the Earth Homeguard, the domestic security force under Imperial jurisdiction. She used her position to help smuggle supplies to the Earth underground. When Captain Wildstar asked her aboard, Mei made plans to defect. However, her squadron found out about it and ... all of them went with her. Where she led, they would follow.

Of course, no one else aboard trusted them...

Mei Gideon is voiced by Silas Carder.

Phillippe De LaRoche

Mei's second and wingman. Philippe is also something of a prankster and comedian, he's taken the unofficial role of ship's morale officer upon himself. His motto is "everything is better with a smile."

He does have a serious side as well. He lost his parents two years prior to the invasion, leaving him strongly devoted to his younger sister, Sarah. If there hadn't been an aunt and uncle to take over raising the girl, Philippe would have dropped out of the Academy without a second thought.

Back in the academy, Philippe was the main rival of Mei Giddeon. The pair of them always competed to beat each other's grades, top the othe's accomplishments. Somewhere along the line though, it all changed. By the time they graduated, Philippe and Mei were inseparable friends.

Unusually protective of Mei, Philippe followed her into the Homeguard after the invasion, and then on to serve aboard the Argo when she 'defected'. He wasn't about to let her do something so dangerous, or that much fun, alone.

As an Earthling in the Homeguard, he was used to being looked down on, but since following Mei to the Star Force, he's having to adjust the same hatred coming form his own people.

Philippe is voiced by Devin Cox.

Pops McClendon

A no-nonsense Missouri country doctor by preference, Ezekiel "Pops" McClendon is a former instructor of Xeno-Anthopology and Biology at the Academy. He once wrote "... battles will come and go, but war only ends with both sides finally and fully understand one another." One of his brightest students was Cadet Derek Wildstar.

He left the EDF entirely in 2204, and returned to private practice. Pops maintained personal ties with several EDF and Star Force members, including his best friend, Dr. Sado Sane, Derek Wildstar and Wendy Singleton. He sat the invasion out and refused to join the resistance at first, believing he did more good as a doctor out in the world than hiding in a bunker. However, when General Singleton contacted him about the Argo's launch, he signed on as Ship's Doctor.

Never one to take crap from anyone, Pops is always willing to speak his mind. It's cost him a few friendships over the years, but he's one of those people you always know where you stand with. He might be a bit blunt about it, but he's never mean-spirited. This has made him the unofficial shrink aboard. Pops is always ready to heal both physical and mental wounds. Whether through medicine, or copious amounts of whiskey, whichever works...

Pops McClendon is voiced by Devlin James.

Wendy Singleton

Wendy Singleton is the granddaughter of the legendary General Thaddeus Singleton, the man who first commanded the Earth Defense Force.

She first became involved in the EDF as a civilian aide to her grandfather. But before long, she on a few key governmental committees, including eventually chairing the organization that took over the role of the original EDF in 2209. When the empire invaded three years later, she found herself de facto head of the resistance.

Wendy is a realist. She knows what the resistance is doing is probably hopeless. At some level, she realizes that just pushing the occupying forces off Earth won't make it free. She continues on, however because it gives the people hope. It gives them something to point to and say "someday..."

While she relies on Colonel Derek Wildstar, her second-in-command, as a strong right arm, she does not need anyone to defend her. She's more than capable of turning a hard-bitten soldier into a gibbering wreck, either by words, the sort of glances usually reserved to drill sergeants, or by blindsiding them with a chair.

This inner strength is tempered by a genuine concern for her troops. She leads, not by intimidation or strength, by by example. She knows that in war, people die. When those people are under her command, she feels it. Her troops would do anything for her, because they know she would do anything for them.

General Wendy Singleton is voiced by Melissa D. Johnson in the first season, and Sarah Moore in Invasion! and season two.

Spanning the entire Andromeda Galaxy and half of the Milky Way as well, the Comet Empire is a highly advanced civilization, bent on the conquest of the entire universe. Their motives are never explained to conquered peoples, but it seems clear that lust for power and thirst for resources have consumed whatever justification they originally had.

Major Berrit

Berrit is a career coward. His entire goal in life is to do as little work as possible, which is why heading a garrison on a conquered and demolished world like Earth is right up his alley. All he wants to do is slip quietly by, escape anything remotely resembling official notice. No sir, everything is just fine here, sir!

Of course, it's not just laziness that defines him, he's also greedy. It's almost expected that garrison commanders skim a bit off the top when shipments head off, but Berrit has raised it to an art form. He lies to superiors, he hides resources that he later diverts...he's even concealed resistance raids on Imperial facilities in order to keep the ever watchful eye of his superiors elsewhere.

Berrit one went so far as arranging for superiors to find evidence of peculation and waste in another command, to preserve his own private kingdom.

Under his watch, the local garrison has atrophied a bit. Despite being well-equipped, they tend to be more worried about internal politics and in0fighting than in policing the people of Earth.

Berrit may just be the best friend the Resistance could have had...

Major Berrit is voiced by Ducky Patterson.

Colonel Nazca

Nasca is the eldest son of a family with a long history of military service. His grandfather rose to the rank of Admiral, attaining the post of Supreme Military Commander. His father became one of Prince Zordar's most loyal generals, leaving his family behind when the Prince left to expand the Empire's borders.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Nasca has risen to the post of Commander of the Empire's Orion Spiral Arm Fleet, the task force responsible for maintaining order in the sector of the Milky Way galaxy where Earth is located.

Nasca has suspected for some time that Major Berrit is not as diligent as he should be, but has so far been unable to prove it. He would like nothing better than to catch the foul little wastrel in something and press charges...right into a firing squad.

A devoutly pious man, Colonel Nasca observes a somewhat archaic tradition in the Imperial military. As an officer of command-level rank, he maintains a close relationship with a spiritual adviser. Some of his superiors find this a bit off-putting, as the military has been trying to remove the Imperial Church's influence for decades. However, Nasca feels it is a vital part of his beleifs.

Colonel Nasca is voiced by Andre de Almeida.


Xavier has fallen on hard times. Once the spiritual adviser and teacher of Prince Zordar himself, Xavier is largely seen as responsible for Zordar's fall from grace.

His public perception means little to the man, however. Xavier views his new position in life as a test bestowed upon him by Gorham, the god of the Imperial Church. He has purged himself of distraction, devoting himself entirely to Gorham's way.

To dismiss him as a religious zealot is unfair, however. While he has made his faith the bedrock of his life, Xavier is far too intelligent a man to confuse religious truth with physical fact. When the two come into conflict, he considers the reasons for such and invariably finds the course through to clearer waters. Xavier is a man who believes at the very foundation of his soul. It is unshakable, and immobile. A rock upon which his life is built.

Once a rising star within the Church (he was only twenty years old when he became Zordar's teacher), Xavier is well-educated in many fields besides the spiritual, and it is in this role he has once again found a student. Xavier is the adviser and spiritual guide of Colonel Nasca, of the Orion Spiral Arm fleet.

The officer and the priest make a rare duo within the rarefied society of the military command level, but each finds the others counsel valuable beyond measure.

Xavier is voiced by Nathan P. Butler.

General Geran

General Wilhelm Geran is a soldier's solider. Nearly a legend within the Military, he is a dynamic leader who commands through example, and through force of personality. Unlike most of the command staff, Geran was NOT a scion of the nobility. He was a common foot soldier, who clawed and scraped his way through the ranks.

Along the way, he gained no small collection of battle scars. It's joked among his men that the only thing that outnumbers his scars, are his victories. In the battle of the Fox Nebula, Geran's command ship was destroyed. His aide was injured making his way to the escape pods, and then Colonel Geran went back for him, saving his aide's life, and losing his right eye in the process.

Throughout the Empire, the men fight for the Emperor, and for the Homeland... except in Geran's command, they fight for him. His troops are personally loyal to him at a level that worries the command staff. So much so, that they were all sent to the frontlines in the Empire's war with Galman, hoping the charismatic General would finally meet his end.

Despite this however, Geran has no thoughts of personal advancement. He is a soldier of the Empire. He serves.

General Geran is voiced by Andre de Almeida.

Admiral Kahn

The highest ranking member of the Imperial Military, Supreme Commander Kahn is charged with overseeing control of the Andromeda Galaxy, and conveying the Emperors vision to those who carry out Jahmorta's orders.

A noble of good family in his own right, Kahn is often seen something of a safety valve, should the Imperial line fail in it's current or the next generation. A calm, steady hand on the tiler of two galaxies. Khan himself does not dispute this. While he is loyal to the Emeperor, privately he cannot stand the sight of the Crown Prince. He will not attempt to undermine the efforts of Prince Darcal to eventually assume his father's authority, but nor will he aid him.

No, Kahn's political attention is drawn downward, not up. He fears the rise of the charismatic General Geran. He sees his subordinate as eying Kahn's own position of power, and that cannot be allowed.

Suave and composed, Admiral Kahn is long-used to navigating the corridors of power. His own father served in this post for many years, with distinction. Kahn's most fervent wish is to eventually hand the military's reins to his eldest child, currently serving as a spy on Geran's own flagship...

Admiral Kahn is voiced by Jonathan Edward Dolnier.


As head of the Imperial Church, the leader of a congregation of trillions, you'd expect Anshon to be a devoutly spiritual man.

You'd be mistaken.

Anshon is first and foremost, a political animal. He rose to lead a powerful sect of hardline conservative clerics during the time of the previous Archprelate, a kindly and more liberal-minded man named Dolman.

Dolman was concerned more for the spiritual well-being of the faithful, than the power of the church itself. This flew in the face of several of the man's predecessors, who worried about the increasing secularization of the Empire. Rumors even began to circulate that Dolamn may be thinking of opening a dialog with other faiths, secreted within Imperial society. This was the final straw for Anshon and his cabal.

Acting in secret, Anshon personally poised Dolman, and when the conclave was summoned to select Dolman's replacement, Anshon was elevated by general acclaim.

Arguably the second most powerful man in the Empire, Anshon uses the authority of the Church as a club. He skillfully plays on the passions of the faithful, and even exerts a startlingly degree of control over the Emperor.

However, heretical beliefs that flourished under Dolman, have not been quieted under Anshon. Rumors of a heretical prophecy concerning Zordar, the Earthers and arcane figures believed mythical, have begun to surface with more regularity.

Anshon fears he is losing control of his power-base, and as such, he must act quickly and decisively to eradicate his enemies, such as the people of Earth...

Anshon is voiced by Devlin James.


Izri is the eldest surviving child of Jahmorta. Izri's mother died giving birth to her twin borther, and perhaps because of that, Emperor Jahmorta has doted on his daughter since she was a small child.

Though her gender bars her form having a place in governance of the Empire, her father has come to realize that she is very intelligent. He values her counsel greatly.

Izri is usually the voice of calm. She sees the path the Empire is on and cannot help but feel dread that they may be authoring their own destruction.

She has tried time and again to convince her father to pay more attention to need of his people, and less on military glory and revenge, only to see her efforts twisted and destroyed by the likes of Anshon, and worse, her twin brother, Darcal.

Do not mistake her reserve for weakness however. Izri is the Imperial Princess, and the strength of all those who have gone before her flows still in her veins. While her role in life may be symbolic only, her desire to effect change in her society is strong, and one day, the quiet woman, the strong, silent princess, may move the Universe.

Izri is voiced by Natalie Van Sistine.


Darcal is the youngest child, and only remaining male heir, of Emperor Jahmorta. Much like his twin sister, Izri, Darcal's early life was relegated to symbolic functions. His far elder brother, Zordar was heir to the throne, and Darcal himself was little more than an emergency replacement. The fact that his mother, the much beloved Empress Elora, died giving birth to him only made his father an even more distant figure in his life.

This meant that he was educated, raised and taken car of by servants who were unsure if they were grooming a future emperor, or attaching themselves to someone who may be assassinated to protect Zordar's claim.

Then, when he was barely more than a boy, Zordar was banished. Darcal was elevated to Crown Prince, and his education in statecraft began. But even then, it was clear that Darcal had not inherited his father and brother's gifts for leadership. He was a vain, impatient creature, who blamed all his shortcomings on other people.

His father, despairing of Zordar's eventual reclamation, attempted to mold Darcal in his brother's image, a fact that was not lost on the young man. Darcal was not his brother, and never could be. Things between father and son became easier in the shared tragedy of Zordar's death...but even then, Darcal's efforts to replace Zordar in Jahmorta's heart fell short.

Publicly, the Imperial family seems well and whole, but the reality is far, far different. A father who desperately misses his heir, and cannot see the younger son who tries so hard to replace him, and the daughter, who loves them all and despairs.

Prince Darcal is voiced by Eric Olp.


Jahmorta has been the solid bedrock of the Comet Empire for nearly a century. He is a very, VERY old man... and not just in age.

Fifteen years ago, Jahmorta's son, Zordar attempted to subjugate the planet Earth. Zordar would have succeeded, if a trusted ally (Desslok of Gamilon) had not betrayed him. The loss devestated Jahmorta. His hopes for the future of his people had been bound up in Zordar. The death of his son nearly destroyed him.

Obsessed with finding vengeance for his dead son, Jahmorta is fixated on not just conquering Earth, but upon punishing Earth's people, even if his own worlds burn as a result.

Jahmorta, speaks with a tone of absolute authority, despite his aged and weathered voice. He is the center of the empire, the pinnacle of his civilization, and his orders are to be obeyed. He's not so much evil as he is militant, and very, VERY angry.

His one remaining spot of warmth, are his remaining children, the twins Izri and Darcal, though friction between them is wearing on the old man's heart.

What the future holds for the ruler of the Andromeda Galaxy, is unclear...

Emperor Jahmorta, is voiced by Jim Perry.

The Comet Empire has many enemies. Some have agreed to help free the Earth from Imperial rule. Some are legends of the intergalactic ether. Still others, are more mysterious yet...


Desslok has a long, eventful history with the people of Earth. He has been would-be conqueror, determined enemy, wary ally, and trusted friend.

Comping to power on the dying world, of Gamilon, Desslok led his people in a war with Earth that nearly obliterated BOTH worlds. As it was, Gamilon was eventually destroyed, and Desslok's forces allied themselves with the Comet Empire invasion, led by Prince Zordar. Desslok and Zordar became friends, but Desslok was betrayed and secretly imprisoned by Zordar's daughter, Invidia.

This led Desslok to withdraw the Gamilon fleet from the alliance. A fact that many in the Empire, including Emperor Jahmorta, view as betrayal.

Desslok lead the shattered remains of his people into the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, in search of a new home.

There, they discovered the world of Gallman, and soon discovered it to be their ancestral homeworld. After freeing the world from another galactic power, the Bolar Federation, Desslok was elevated to the throne of Gallman, and thus was born the Gallman Empire.

The Gallmans are very like their wandering cousins, the Gamilons. Militant, quick to anger and filled with lust for glory. Desslok tries to restrain their war-like tendencies, but he fiercely defends his new found homeland. Any threat to his people, is dealt with swiftly and decisively.

Charismatic beyond words, Desslok is one of those figures who wears destiny like a cloak. Men follow him for no better reason that he is fate incarnate. Where Desslok goes, history follows.

Desslok is voiced by Devin Cox in Season 1, and R. Douglass Barbieri in Season 2.


Pirate, rebel, legend, man.... Harlock is many things. Most people regard him as a myth, a fiction dreamed up to give hope to a conquered people... But Harlock is very real indeed.

Once captain in the Earth Defense Forces- Harlock's ship, the Deathshadow, was one of the few survivors of the battle at Jupiter. He made his way back to earth, and attempted to evacuate civilians from the planet, when he was intercepted in Martian orbit and forced to return to Earth.

From there, the stories differ. Most agree that he and a small crew of rebels stole a top secret prototype battleship, the Arcadia, and escaped the planet once and for all.

Adrift, amongst the Sea of Stars, Harlock raided Imperial shipping, and helped resist the Empire wherever he could. Eventually, he and his crew joined a mercenary fleet hired by Emperor Desslok of Gallman to defend his home system from Imperial attack.

Harlock is voiced by Ducky Pattersonin season one, and Dylan Spencer in season two.


Many debate the existence of Trelena, the Sage of Telezart.

She was a real person at one time, indeed she was a major influence on Earth's successful defeat of Prince Zordar fifteen years ago. She provided badly needed intelligence and technical data on Zordar's Comet Fortress and the battle strength of his invasion.

From there, however, the waters get very muddy. Some say that she was from a highly advanced species, who could convert matter, even their own bodies, into pure energy. Others claim she was a highly evolved human who stumbled on a great secret. It is also said that she is literally, a goddess... a bearer of cosmic truths.

Whatever the truth is, Trelena sacrificed her life, and her homeworld of Telezart, to stop Zordar's advance. The Earth owes Trelena a debt it can never possibly repay.

Trelena is voiced by Peg DiGrazia