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The world of Bubblegum Crisis is rooted in the city of Megatokyo. The megacity is still struggling through birthinig pains, and its multi-tiered society is just begining to fray around the edges. Ten years after Old Tokyo's destruction in the Second Great Kanto Earthquake, this new mecha of gleaming towers and economic power still bears scars of disaster, and the problems of urban poverty, and a growing sense of strain become more visible ever day...

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USSD facility
(United Space Sciences Directorate)

USSD is a branch of the United Nations, specifically tasked with oversight of all orbital operations. They oversee both scientific and commercial operations. Basically, the Law in space. While they have no jurisdiction over military satellites, it is a violation of the USSD provision of the UN Charter for a member nation to launch or arm a satellite without USSD's knowledge.


Genom Tower

World headquarters of the Global Economic Network of Mankind, Genom Tower the center of the economic world. It is a self contained, zero-eco-footprint facility. The tower generates its own power from solar systems scattered around its girth, recycles all other carbon output through scrubbers and re-purposes all waste into usable material. That's the marketing, anyway. In reality, it's a man-made Mt. Olympus from where the increasingly reclusive Quincy Rosenkroitz can look down upon his the city at his feet...


AD Police headquarters

Sometimes affectionately called "the Totem Pole" ADP HQ started life as just one more large office tower in a city full of them. It survived the earthquake in 2036 with only minimal damage, and was the center of relief and aid efforts in the months that followed.
Contained in its levels are motor pools, mechanics bays, offices, training facilities, a very secure detention center, and aerodrome capable of servicing and coordinating all ADP helicopter coverage... Truly a wonder of modern efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Lady's 633

A building in the center of Megatokyo's influential fashion district, the Lady's 633 is home to several shops catering to upper class ladies looking for the very latest styles from all over the world. The building is owned by Celia Stingray. She lives on the top floor with her brother, Mackie.


Hot Legs Cafe

No, it's not a strip club. Hot Legs is the current center of the Megatokyo music scene. All the best local bands play here, and more than one superstar has come from this humble-seeming hole in the wall.


The Loop

The Loop is an elevated freeway that completely encircles Tokyo and Yokohama. The circuit was broken when the Rift formed in the earthquake. It took nearly a year to be re-routed. It now skirts the Rift entirely.


Aqua City

Tokyo is quit simply out of room. It's always been a crowded city, going back to the 1800's. Aqua City is a revolutionary attempt to remedy that. It's literally a floating city out on the surface of Tokyo bay.


Raven's Garage

"Doctor Raven"or "Professor Raven" as he insists on being called is quite a local character. Internationally recognized as one of the best mechanics in the world, he still runs a small shop in south-west Tokyo, right near the Rift zone. He's known as a tough bargainer, and something of a skinflint, but he's also got a heart of solid gold.


The Debris Wall

The eastern end of the Rift is a wall of detritus and debris. It holds back the tide, but is inherently unstable. Anyone who lives near the Wall is taking their life in their hands. Local politicians occasionally try to organize an effort to replace the wall with a permanent seawall, but after all, it IS only the Rift..


Priss's Trailer

Priss moves fairly frequently, but she always takes her home with the trailer of an old semi truck. With just enough room for one, two if they're cozy, it seems to suit her lifestyle.


The Break

Where the old Loop highway was broken in the quake. The Break is theoretically inaccessible, but still there are several dozen suicides from it every year.


Genom Data Center

While Genom Tower can handle all corporate functions easily, it's never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, or all your data either. This facility is primarily a backup server farm for the industrial giant. Located in eastern Megatokyo, it is almost entirely automated.


St. Regis Hotel

A posh hotel in the middle of downtown, the St, Regis is where the celebrities of the world stay. If you's like a room for the night forget it. A cup of coffee costs and average working man;'s yearly salary...


Home Base

This nondescript building is home to several legitimate business...but it's below-ground levels serve as home base for the Knight Sabers. The lowest levels are an armored bunker that house their command and control center, tech facilities, as well as the powerful computers they use to help gather intelligence.


Leon McNichol's apartment

Despite it's central location, the rent is cheap. It's also a short commute... now, if only he'd clean up once in a while!


Lena Yamazaki's apartment

Near the Loop, it's great for a young lady on the go.


Tokyo City Bank

The main office of the largest bank in Japan, Tokyo City Bank is known as the scene of one of the most spectacular bank robberies in history. Three men who cracked the programming of several construction boomers. They attempted to rob the vaults and set off a large explosion to cover their escape. It proved to be less than successful when one of the re-programmed boomers set the charges off early, blowing them all to smithereens.


Big Egg II

A world-class outdoor concert venue and sports arena. Built for the 2040 Olympics, the Big Egg still sees regular use.


Club Phoebe

A swanky gym and aerobics club where Lena goes.


Galaxy Hotel (under construction)

When this gleaming tower is complete, it will be the largest hotel in the world, but that is still years away.


Nene Romanova's apartment building

Nene used her hacking skills to locate a vacant apartment with a paid up lease, and then quietly took it over. She's not even making the payments on it herself, she's routing cask to the landlord through a scheme too complicated to go into.


Survival Shot

Only in Megatokyo would you find... a rooftop paintball field. Ironically, the restaurant one floor down has the best steak in town.


Old St. Mary's church (condemned)

A roman catholic church that was abandoned after the earthquake damaged the structure. New St. Mary's church was built elsewhere, and the old site was purchased by one Brian J. Mason. He had the old building rebuilt, if not to code than at least to safety, and uses it as an occasional refuge from the bustle of life.



A large housing area south of the Rift. It's very low-income, very cheap apartments mostly. The conditions and high crime rate gave the area it;s name, after the conditions of Dickensian London.


Mercy General Hospital

One of over a dozen hospitals scattered throughout the city. This is the closest to the Rift and Dickensville, and as such is usually quite busy.


(Site of) Whiz Laboratories

Birthplace of the Cyberdroid, and the Boomer. Whiz was destroyed by an explosion and fire over fifteen years ago.

Nuclear Power Plant

Using the latest technology, this facility runs cleaner than most nuclear plants, but still...


Genom Heavy Industries Development Center

It is here that Genom designs and builds the most successful of its products, the Boomer.


Genom Heavy Industries Shipping Facility

From here, Boomers are shipped all over the world.


Tokyo International Aerospace port

Domestic and international flights and and form all over the world, and orbit.

Warehouse district

Commercial warehouses. Some owned outright, some available for lease. Tokyo is still a SEAPORT, after all.

Yokohama Chinatown

Even before the influx of foreigners to the Tokyo area after earthquake, Yokohama was known for its large Chinese population. Yokohama's Chinatown district is an amazing place where multiple Asian cultures collide, and the results are often fascinating.

Greenhill Cemetery

The largest cemetery in Tokyo.

Cybergenics Tokyo Office (now a Genom subsidiary)

Once the world leader in protein-based cybernetics and computer AI, Cybergenics is now wholly owned by Genom.

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