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Quincy Rosenkroitz

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Quincy Rosenkroitz

Age:Unknown (presumed early eighties)
Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Genom
Voiced by: Devlin James

To say that Quincy Rosenkroitz is the richest man on Earth is like calling Mt. Everest a speed bump.

Son of a German industrialist, Quincy knew himself to be a man of destiny from an early age. He began amassing a bewildering array of contacts, business alliances, the occasional shady politician, and a truly staggering amount of assets before he'd even left school. By the time he was forty, he'd already managed to corner several developing markets around the world.

But it wasn't enough. Despite his vast wealth, he still felt as though something greater beckoned. That something came to him from another man's vision. A small cybernetics lab that was financed, through several layers of shell corporations, by one of Rosenkroitz's interests.

Whiz Laboratories had stumbled upon something so staggering, it would remake the world... and the fools were too blinded by their science to see it. When all their primary talent died in a fire, and the lab was destroyed in the incident, it caused him no great moment of sadness.

The few remains of their work, however... those, he carefully cultivated.

His network, Genom, is now the single largest corporate entity in human history. Quincy Rosenkroitz sits upon his throne and looks down on the world that is his, spurning all human contact... and it is good.

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