Priss, riding the Motoslave

Priss (Priscilla S. Asagiri)

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Occupation: Singer/Songwriter, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Taylor Carlson

Priss in street clothes and her Hardsuit

A motorcycle enthusiast and aspiring singer, Priss is a firebrand of a young woman.

Priss was drawn into the Knight Sabers' world of intrigue after her boyfriend was murdered to keep Genom's theft of the original Cyberdroid research secret. She signed on initially for the chance for revenge, but has since come to realize that they really do serve a greater purpose. In a world where the common man becomes more and more enslaved by a corporate master, the Knight Sabers represent the greatest idea possible, hope.

Her driving ambition, however, is to sing. She wants to become the kind of singer who sways people's hearts and minds, who has the sort of immortality that few ever achieve. She wants her songs, her voice, to make a difference in this world.

She's unique among her teammates in that Priss lives in the Rift area of Old Tokyo, the section on the western side of the city that was most devastated by the earthquake. She makes her home in an old semi trailer, which she's managed to hook up to functioning electricity and water lines.

Priss is hot-tempered and aggressive. She's also the most effective in-close combatant the Knight Sabers have, which is why her Hardsuit is covered with so much weaponry. She can be difficult to control in the field, but the rest of the team is glad she's on THEIR side.

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