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Bubblegum Crisis was originally a direct to video anime series in Japan. It premiered in 1987 and lasted for eight releases until 1991. All the work for the series was done by AIC/Artmic and featured work by some of the biggest names in anime today.

After eight episodes, the series spawned a series of music videos called "Hurricane Live" which featured songs from the series set to both clips of the animation, and a few concerts performed by the voice talent. There was also a spin off three-video prequel series called "AD Police Files." A direct sequel series "Bubblegum Crash!" also ran three episodes, and completed the story.

The original anime direct to video serieses can be purchased in North America through Animeigo, here.

In late 1998, a TV series called "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" premiered on TV Tokyo. It was jointly funded by AIC and the American anime video company, AD Vision. 2040 was a complete reboot of the story, and featured some drastically different design work. 2040 can be purchased in North America through Funimation, here.

2040 also gave rise to a totally unrelated AD Police TV series, and the 'Parasite Dolls' video series. Those had been available in North America through AD Vision. In 2002, there was an announcement of a sequel to Tokyo 2040, but since AD Vision has since folded and there is to date no further information, we can assume that project is dead.

Most recently, a live-action film treatment of Bubblegum Crisis is in production as of 2010, slated for release in 2012. This project also seems to e stalled out, though ocassionaly new updates appear online.

Note: Forward Momentum Productions has no affiliation with the above companies and projects whatsoever. Bubblegum is NOT our original work, we are merely producing a fan-made audio drama based in the universe.

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