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Nene Romanova

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Nene in casual wear and her Hardsuit

Age:24 (on paper) 19 (actual)
Occupation: AD Police dispatcher, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Lindey Steindler

Nene is the youngest member of the Knight Sabers, at only 19 years old. She can be very childish and impulsive, but in her own way, she's also the most frightening. Nene is quite possibly the best hacker in the world. It doesn't matter how secure your database is, if it has a single line to the outside world, it is Nene's plaything.

Deciding while still in high school that she'd had enough of home and her overprotective parents, Nene cracked open her own birth records. She altered her date of birth so she was now legally adult. Then she hacked a property management company's server and took over the lease of a nice vacant apartment in Megatokyo with paid up rent and... simply left. When she eventually grew bored of having nothing to do all day, she broke into the AD Police database and literally gave herself a job as a Support and Dispatch officer.

Nene is actually the first person Celia brought onto the team. It started with rumors of a nigh-impenetrable database, a network that had defeated everyone who tried to crack it. It included heuristic algorithms, black ICE programs... and things that didn't even have names yet. It took Nene three weeks to finally get in, and when she did, all she found was a job offer.

Nene's hardsuit isn't designed primarily for combat, which is good since she's by far the least effective fighter the Knight Sabers have. Its purpose, however, is to act as a mobile electronic warfare suite. With her suit's systems, Nene can take control of most electronic devices around her, surveillance systems go offline, radio communications become jammed. Shes even been known to divert spy satellites.

Nene Romanova in one scary lady.

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