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Age: 34
Occupation: Investigator
Voiced by: Will Knavison

Mike Newcastle is a big deal at ADP these days.

About four months ago, he transferred to ADP from the Tokyo Police because his area of focus, illegal cybernetics, is more in ADPO's jurisdiction. Already, he's been instrumental in servewral high-profile investigations, and made n umerous arrests. If ADP has something akin to a rockstar, it's Mike.

You'd think this might rub some of the old hands at ADP the worng way, but the opposite is actualy true. Everybody loves Mike. He's the deffinition of a team player, prefering to heap praise on co-workers rather than take the spot light for himself, even when he deserves it. Mike Newcastle quickly became everybody's pal.

The only odd thing, he lives well, REALLY well for someone on an ADP salary. He drives a nice car, always dresses sharp... but not too sharp. There may be more than meets the eye to the ADP's rising star...

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