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Brian J. Mason

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Brian J. Mason

Age: 49
Occupation: Senior VP, Heavy Industries division, and Chief Operating Officer of Genom
Voiced by: Edwyn Tiong

The number two man on the Genom totem pole, Brian J. Mason is CEO Quincy Rosenkroitz's right hand man. While the Chairman is reclusive, Mason is the public face of Genom. Mason is the man who is seen with political leaders, Mason is the one who gives interviews (at least occasionally).

Cold and calculating, in the shark-infested waters of the Genom hierarchy, Mason's is the shadow that all the other predators fear. Many have speculated that with Rosenkroitz's advancing age, Mason may actually be the one calling the shots. This isn't entirely untrue, but even Mason still serves at the whim of the biggest shark in the sea, and he knows it.

Perhaps he's biding his time, perhaps he's just waiting for the old man to die...

The cool, lethal armor he presents to his fellow man has but one small gap, his relationship with Kate Madigan. It isn't really love, not as the rest of humanity know it. Love is too simple, too ordinary a word. Kate knows him, the real him. His hopes, his desires. With her, Brian can relax and let down the shields that keep him safe, at least partially. There are depths to this man no one will ever see, and his ultimate goals, are not so easily gleaned.

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