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Kate Madigan

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Kate Madigan

Age: 44
Occupation: Senior VP, Corporate Affairs at Genom
Voiced by: Jen Rhodes

Kate Madigan is a very powerful woman. Head of Genom Corporate Affairs, she is responsible the smooth running of the enormous network on a day-to-day basis. She hires, she fires... She hides the bodies.

Madigan's is a name to conjure with, but only if you like playing with fire. She tolerates no failure or interference from others, and her passion for efficiency and expedience is well known. In public, she rarely shows much emotion aside from cool disdain. It is said amongst her small inner-circle of subordinates however, that she's at her most terrifying when she becomes enraged... because it's impossible to tell from the rest of the time.

Kate's relationship with Brian Mason is the worst-kept secret amongst the higher echelons at Genom, though it's not widely known outside those circles. She is fiercely loyal to him, and regards any threat to Brian as a threat to her. She does not allow threats to exist. She deals with them quietly, and decisively.

Because, after all, the woman who knows where all the bodies are buried, is the woman who REALLY holds the power...

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