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Mackie Stingray, keeping it real

Occupation: Knight Saber Mantenance GOD...
Voiced by: Mike Dent

Mackie has the best life in the known universe. A ninteen year old kid who spends his days tinkering with motorcycles and high-tech gadgets, and his nights fighting crime surrounded by babes in powered armor.

At least, that's what he tells himself. In actuality, he's the Knight Saber's chief grunt. He drives the truck, does the lion's share of the maintenance on their equipment, and more less lives at his sister's beck and call.

It's easy to underestimate Mackie. The boy is something of a goofball. He's always making jokes, or scheming about how to get cameras into the changing rooms... In other words, he's a typical teenager. He seems very content to just drift along through life. He just finished high school and has no plans to go on to college, nor any desire to go get a job... but the fact is, he doesn't have time. Mackie is as dedicated to the Knight Sabers' cause as the girls are.

While not as apparently gifted as Celia is in the brains department, Mackie is no slouch. She may have designed the the Hardsuits, but Mackie is the mad genius behind the auxiliary weaponry and augmentation systems they use in combat.

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