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Leon McNichol

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Leon McNichol

Age: 29
Occupation: Investigator and Squad Lead, ADP 3rd Tactical Squad
Voiced by: Christopher Stadther

Leon McNichol is too cool for a lot of rooms... in his own mind at least.

At eighteen, he enlisted and served in the United States Marine Corps. In training he showed such a gift for small-unit tactics and sheer ability to survive that he caught the eye of Colonel Sam Lando. Leon found himself soon attached to Col. Lando's unit and doing the sorts of missions that never officially happen.

Unfortunately, Col. Lando wasn't the sterling example of an Officer everyone thought him to be. Involved in numerous suspicious incidents, he was finally brought to a court martial and all Lando's men were quietly dishonorably discharged.

One of the presiding officers at Lando's trial didn't agree with the broad brush that painted the innocent as well as guilty. He made it his task to see that those who really were only following orders landed on their feet. He put Leon n contact with an old war buddy, John Rawlins, with the Advance Deployment Police in Tokyo and Leon signed on.

Here, amongst the Tac Squad grunts, he found his place. Leon quickly became the core of the wildly successful Third Squad, eventually being promoted to it's lead position when the former Lead retired. He also showed an innate grasp of both deduction and investigative technique. At the urging of his squad mates, he took the test and was recently promoted once again, this time to Investigator. This makes him unique in the organization. A hybrid squad leader-detective as it were.

Leon still has issues with his past, however. His experience with Col. Lando and the way the top brass treat the rank and file of the ADP make him very distrustful his superiors. This trait shows itself at times when he butts heads with his direct superior John Rawlins. Some of their arguments could peel paint. Underneath all that anger is actual respect, but some times it seems very, VERY far under...

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