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Lena Yamazaki

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Lena in casual wear and her Hardsuit

Occupation: Stock Broker, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Rina Adachi

Lena is a long-time friend of Celia's.

Since their families were lont-time friends, Lena and Celia were raised close as sisters. When Celia's father passed away, Lena's family took in the Stingray children, until Celia turned eighteen.

Lena has always had dreams of being a dancer. She studied since she was five, and supplemented that training with various martial arts disciplines. Lena holds mastery in several distinct styles.

She is also obsessed with making money. It all began when a stray comment her father made when she was young, "So, how is DANCING going to feed you?" lead her to begin hoarding her pocket money. It became a mild obsession, and resulted in her eventually becoming a certified stock broker. Lena made her first multimillion dollar deal when she was only a month out of school. But you'd never know it unless she told you. She's got a small apartment in eastern Megatokyo, and lives very simply.

Lena seems to have incredibly good luck, except where she wants it. She's had a string of horribly unsuccessful romantic relationships, much to the chagrin of her friends, who are all getting just a bit sick of hearing Lena's latest sob story...

Always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, Lena can occasionally be a bit too blunt. You'd think this would strain friendships, but the rest of the team know she is always there when they need her.

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