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John Rawlins

Age: 71
Occupation: Overall Commander, ADP Tactical Units
Voiced by: Devlin James

There's the brass, the people who rub elbows with the politicians, who have careers to think about and nice houses in the burbs... and then there's the guys who just get the work done.

For nearly sixty years, John Rawlins has gotten work done.

Nearing retirement, Rawlins is in charge of all the ADP's Tactical Units. Every combat team, every investigator... Rawlins is the guy they call Boss. He backs his officers all the way. Rawlins will shield them when the suits upstairs want a scapegoat. He'll not let anyone speak ill of the men and women who serve beneath him and get their hands dirty doing the old Protect And Serve.

Of course the opposite is also true. If you screw up, if you put yourself above your unit...if you cross the line... then God have mercy on your soul, cause John Rawlins won't have an ounce of mercy on your butt as he kicks it across town.

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