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Hendrson, at your service

Occupation: Butler, Knight Saber support
Voiced by: Chris Walker

Henderson is the butler, friend, and surrogate father figure of the Stingray siblings, and of the Knight Sabers as a whole.

Polite and unassuming, his formality (he insnsits on usng proper titles for everyone) at first can seem a bit cold, but nothing is further from the truth. He cares deeply for Celia, Mackie and their circle of friends.

On the day young Celia Stingray became her brother's legal guardian and moved them into their new home, Henderson made contact. Celia immediately took him into their new household as their new butler... but apparently, at some point in the past, he lived a very different life. He seems to know a great deal about Cybernetics, Boomer design, and is instrumental in the Knight Sabers' operations.

He assists the Knight Sabers in the field, but he does so from their secure bunker headquarters. Home Base which is beneath one of Celia's properties. He supplies data support, and helps monitor police and media response. While he secretly wishes that Celia and Mackie wouldn't endanger themselves so, he understands why the do. While he knows he can never replace what they lost, he looks after the Stingray children as if they were his own.

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