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Thomas Flint

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Thomas Flint

Age: 51
Occupation: Now a Genom Senior VP, was CEO of the Cybergenics corporation
Voiced by: Michael Valenzuela

Thomas Flint is a recent addition to the Genom family. His research firm, Cybergenics, was a leader in the field of cybernetics and genetics. Their successes in producing cloned biological implants for limb replacement and organ failure made Cybergenics one of the foremost bio medical corporations.

Naturally, Genom couldn't have that. The economic juggernaut simply absorbed the smaller firm three years ago.

Flint found himself with a seat in the larger pool of Genom vice presidents, where he quickly formed alliances with several other key divisions, and parlayed their eventual success and merger into a seat at the Senior VP's table.

Flint is a political animal. Brilliant in his own right, he's always looking for an angle, for how to game the system to his advantage and the advancement of his interests. Recently, he's begun probing potential weaknesses of the Heavy Industries division.

Thomas Flint simply wants it all, and he's willing to step on anyone he has to to get there.

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