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Arc 01: Blades - Episode 2

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Priss' personal tragedy blinds her to the forces swirling around her. The AD Police continue to investigate her involvement in her lover's death. Genom executives continue to pursue her. But more stranger still, from afar the mysterious Knight Sabers watch over it all...

Vocal Cast

Featured in this episode were:
Taylor Carlson as Priss
Kristyn Yearington as Celia Stingray
Lindsey Steindler as Nene Romanova
Jen Rhodes as Kate Madigan

Also heard in this episode were:
Rina Adachi as Lena Yamazaki
Mike Dent as Mackie Stingray
Chris Walker as Henderson
Michael Valenzuela as Thomas Flint
Edwyn Tiong as Brian J. Mason.
Christoper Stadther as Leon McNichol
Eric Olp as Daley Wong
Carl Gosline as the airport tech
Dylan Spencer as the Narrator

The episode was written and directed by Devin Cox

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