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Daley Wong

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Daley Wong

Age: 31
Occupation: ADP Investigator
Voiced by: Eric Olp

Daley Wong is used to being the strangest guy in the room. A graduate of M.I.T., he actually holds a Doctorate in Cybernetics. He SHOULD be earning a whole lot more money doing research and designing the next breakthrough... but he's not interested in that. Instead, he works as an Investigator for the AD Police. He's not even in their Forensics department, he's out in the field. He says it's 'more interesting.'

Usually way too cerebral and sarcastic for most people, naturally Daley found himself partnered with the rising star of the ADP, Leon McNichol. The two work rather well together. Leon provides observation and human insight to complement Daley's technical expertise and eye for detail.

Of course, sometimes their working relationship is TOO smooth. A chance remark about the amount of time they spend together once led to a joke that they should just get married and make it official. The joke took on a life of its own and now some people think it may actually be true and the pair never bothered to tell anyone. Since neither Daley or Leon will dignify it with a response, the rumors continue to grow...

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