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Celia Stingray

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Celia in business wear and her Hardsuit

Occupation: business woman, Knight Saber
Voiced by: Kristyn Mass

The daughter of Dr. Carl Stingray, the genius cyberneticist who first invented the Cyberdroid, and thus, the Boomer, Celia is a very wealthy woman at the center of a secret crusade.

To the public eye, she's a businesswoman in Megatokyo's well-to-do Tinsel City area. She owns several buildings, and manages a very successful clothing boutique. She flatly refuses to publicly discuss her famous father, who died when she was fifteen. As such, any fame she may entitled to has long since withered away.

In secret, Celia is the founder and leader of the Knight Sabers. The beyond-cutting-edge powered armor they use, the Harsuits, are of her design. How she came by such advanced knowledge is a complete mystery. While she has a degree in business, she's never shown any public aptitude for the sciences.

Celia seems to have two distinct sides to her personality. One is very warm and caring. She respects the role she plays within the group, and the input of her friends and teammates. The other, is very cool and calculating. This is the side that makes the plans, that drives her, that wants to see Genom punished for what it's done, not just to humanity, but to the slave race Genom is built upon.

It is rumored among her surviving family, that Celia's father did something to her mind when she was a child. This is perhaps the reason behind both the creation of the Knight Sabers, and her somewhat fragmented personality.

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