While Sea of Stars is an AUDIO drama, we don't waste a lot of time describing the physical look of important objecs and locales. It bogs down the story and bores the listener. However, we also find it instructive to provide a baseline for what the important settings and ships actually look like, to help aid mental visualization, hence the SOS Images page.
Special thanks to Starship Schematics for the original lineart used in most of the following images.
Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.

Fanart abnd Wallpapers

SOS Teaser image

Season One Wallpaper

Mei Gideon - Tiger Lead

The Invasion! Wallpaper

The Resistance, The Argo & the EDF

Earth Astrofighter

The Argo

The Argo's Main Bridge layout

The Yukikaze

Comet Empire Ships

Imperial cargo ship

Comet Empire Planet-Killer

Storm-Class Destroyer

Exterminator-Class Missile Destroyer

Imperial Battleship
"Bringer of Victory"

Comet Empire Fighter Carrier

Comet Empire Attack-Bomber,

Long-Range recon varriant

Comet Empire Interceptor/ Space-Superiority fighter "Paranoia"

Comet Foretress (With gravitic shields down)

Other Vessels

Harlock's flagship


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