What has gone before...

The Argo: Sailor of the Stars (Episode 0) - A documentary of the history of the Space Cruiser Argo, covering both the events of the American "Star Blazers" TV series, and the "Space Cruiser Yamato" movies which compelte the backstory. A good primer for those unfamiliar with this universe.

Invasion! - "On the darkest day in Human history, the Comet Empire returned..."
Go back to the beginning and find out exactly what happened to whom, and how Earth fell to alien oppressors


Season One

Episode 1: The Legend - After the conquest of Earth, a new threat rises. A heroic band of freedom fighters must find some way to combat the end of Humanity. Our only hope may lay with an old hero of the Earth Defense Force, and the secret that has lain hidden for fifteen years.

Episode 2: Argo Lifts Off Into A New Dawn - With less than six months to the extermination of humanity, the new Star Force hurry to rebuild their vessel, and blast off into an uncertain future.

Episode 3: Prisms of View - The Star Force's new fighter pilots are viewed with distrust and scorn, can the crew stand together in the coming days?

Episode 4: Ambush at Jupiter! - The Scourge fleet is not the only enemy, Colonel Nasca of the Comet Empire lays a trap for the Star Force!

Episode 5: The Calm Before the Storm - In the aftermath of Nasca's attack, the Star Force struggle to repaiur the Argo, and Michael Vega learns part of the truth about Captain Wildstar's past.

Episode 6: Firestorm - The Scourge Fleet has arrived, and the Argo must face it, alone.


Season Two

Episode 7: The New Menace - After the battle, The Star Force repair their ship and lick their wounds. But news of a grave new threat promts the Argo to a new course of action.

Episode 8: In Pursuit of Hope - Wildstar has ordered the Argo off on a desperate bid for answers, but when the Argo finds an impossible world, the crew is tested in ways they'd never dreamed.

Episode 9: Threads of the Past - Messengers from the next world bring tidings of hope to the crew of the Argo, and possibly a solution to the desperate fate awaiting Earth.

Episode 10: Betrayal at New Telezart - The Argo is attacked on the surface of New Telezart, an ambush brought about by the traitor amongst the Star Force. But who is the wolf in sheep's clothing, and how will the Argo survive Major Terril's suprise assault?

Episode 11: Always Darkest... - The Argo launches an attack on an Imperial armory, even as Jahmorta begins the final assault on Earth.

Episode 12: ...Before The Dawn - The final battle. Will Earth be saved, or have we truly reached the end of our story?




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