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Ten years ago, the city of Tokyo died.

It had stood, in one form or another, for centuries. Perched on the eastern coast of Japan, Tokyo had seen the rise of empires, and the fall of nations. It had been the center of an economic power, and the hub of imperial terror.

And in less than a minute, the city fell to ruin.

They came to call it the 'Second Great Kanto Earthquake'. Thousands died in the first moments, millions more in the despair that followed.

In an age where governments had been superseded by boards of directors, the cries of the homeless and mourning went unheard, but the chance for profit, that could not be ignored.

They descended on the ruble, the men and machines of industry. They came by the hundreds, the thousands. In a land where the word for foreigner, 'Gaijin', carried the unsubtle insult of racial purity, new names took root. New families settled.

And that wasn't even the greatest change...

An international conglomerate of companies, a titan of commerce made the restoration of Tokyo its crowning jewel. The Global Economic Network Of Mankind, or the Genom Corporation, as it was better known, brought forth a staggering change upon the ruined streets, and fallen towers. Not all those who labored under the umbrella of Genom, were human.

Cybernetic Androids, beings of steel and synthetic protein rebuilt the city, brick by brick and block upon block. These artificial laborers, the workforce of the next generation, were given a name for the economic boom they ushered in upon the world.

In days past, the city of Tokyo may have been rebuilt in a matter of years. However... on the broad backs of the Boomers, it rose anew in months.

Of course, the story does not end there. Humanity didn't achieve a second Eden. While the new city of Megatokyo arose on the grave of the old city, many were left to rot in the tomb.

Those who could not afford the new glories of technology, or who did not trust governance by Capitalism, or those who just fell through the cracks...

They are the ones we don't see, the ones we in the civilized sections of Tinsel City and even the restored Yokohama don't talk about. They live in the Rift, the sections of Old Tokyo that Genom didn't see a reason to put right, and made worse by dumping their refuse within.

For over a decade, this has continued, lurching forward into a new future...

Based on the classic anime series of the same name, Bubblegum Crisis is a fan-made audio drama chronicling the adventures of a high tech band of armored vigilantes, the Knight Sabers.

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