Parry Horter and the Crushing Inevitability of Reality’s Suckage.

((Brace yourselves folks, this one is so far off topic, the light from our topic will hit it in fifteen years.))

When you’re a kid, the horizon is so very far away.
The world is full of magic and possibility. Your Dad’s the smartest person you know (except for Mom) and the summer is always full of polliwogs, fireflies and cherries right off the tree.
Childhood is when a day fees like an eternity, the turning of the seasons is the turning of unimaginable time and you can’t even comprehend that one day you’ll look up and it’s all changed. The horizon is measured in city blocks instead of rolling green miles. Your parents are nice, but no, they definitely don’t know everything. Just explaining (again) how only having a cellphone on when they want to make a call voids the entire point of the device…. but I digress.
We make choices. We accrue responsibilities almost as fast as we lose time in the day. The polliwog’s stream is now a paved-over rain trench, fireflies have all but died out and the cherry tree got badly topped by the electrical company and died. Summer has official become the time you desperately wished you’d install central air.
Face it kiddo… reality sucks. And now that I’ve completely killed your mellow, what’s the point of this post?
“Sometimes, you hit a wall. Sometimes, the wall hits back. And sometimes, you pick up your chainsaw and make yourself a new @#$%ing door.”
That’s become a motto of mine the last few weeks. I went into this whole #FMPnano thing with high hopes and horizons as far as I could stretch them. Heck, it even worked for a while. I hit walls, the walls hit back. I climbed, I dodged, I dug tunnels…I even sent in a sapper or two.
But then the walls got together and decided to play Gandalf. And I shall not pass, right enough…
The details are private, but let’s just say my family is shrinking. Again. It’s the sort of situation that involves a lot of thinking about words like eternity, final, and reason… but never seems to yield an answer.
So here I sit, wondering if the walls have won, if I Shall Not Pass after all.
The last few weeks, my priorities have shifted from writing, and it shows in the work. I’m not giving up, not even remotely. But I’m really not satisfied with what’s come out of my mind the last couple weeks. Worse, that’s on the odd days I’ve found time to write. I’m over 10k words behind Nano pace right now. Granted, I’ve got half of my goal. I’ve got a solid stack of scripts for Bubblegum, but I should be entering the home stretch, not halfway through.
I think it’s time for one of my favorite lines of Bruce Campbell dialog: “Good? Bad? I’m the one with the gun.” I love that line. He’s not a hero, or a villain. He’s the one with the power. So, to twist it to my own ends. “Success? Failure? I’m the one with the SCRIPT.”
There’s no way in heck I can make the Nano deadline of 50K words by the end of the month. But here’s what I CAN do….
I CAN keep going anyway.
I CAN tell Gandalf I’m writing cyberpunk sci-fi, not fantasy. Then blow his bearded backside over the moon with a well-placed sapper charge.
I CAN finish what I began, regardless of the date. This is soul-feeding, not pocketbook-feeding. The battle isn’t between me and a deadline, it’s between me and inertia.
And best of all? Mr. Wall?
*Reaches for a chainsaw*
“Say ‘Hello’ to my little friend!”
Rev rev, Baby.

FMP Nano, Week 2

So, ok. Here we go.
Nothing terribly dramatic this week. At present, we are at 15,765 words, which is 735 ahead of schedule. Awesome so far, right? Yeah, maybe.
See, I think I ran headlong into a problem. I don’t know if I have enough story to hit 50,000 with BGC. Bear in mind, lest you think I’m short changing the story, that BGC arcs 1-3 already clock in at over 65K words. The arcs tend to average 24K words each.
Which is kinda the problem.
I’m not sure there are six arcs in the story. It might end at five. (Waiting for the obligatory joke about bubblegum popping).
Never fear though faithful Internet! I have a cunning plan.
Should BGC conclude below 50,000 words, I have an awesome short story idea that will be thrown in gratis.
Does it break the laws of Nanowrimo? Like Han Solo stepping on an Endor twig, but that lead to cool things too, right?

FMP Nano update!

nonowrimologoTime to bring everyone up to speed on the first week of FMPNaNoWriMo! It’s been and odd ride so far, so here goes.
The basic upshot was, I planned to write three arcs worth of the Bubblegum Crisis Audio Drama over the month of November. I’d begun outlining, planning. I even had a rough draft, but it frankly sucked so I trashed it and began a new with the planning in early October. I got a lot of work done in the first half of the month, but dark clouds loomed. Unfortunately, the end of October proved to be a really awful time plan for a major writing project.

ggctinyI always knew we were going to lose one weekend near the end of the month to a convention down in Seattle. Geek Girl Con 13 was a lot of fun and extremely interesting. We spent most of Saturday in the lower levels, playing board games and even getting in a really fun Star Wars RPG session with the new game. Highly recommended!
Unfortunately, Sunday… Around 11AM I got a call that my Paternal Grandmother had entered hospice care. She died just as we reached the hospital.
I’m working on a blog post about my Nana, and how important she was to me not just as a grandmother, but as a writer. She was a really special lady and I want to share her with you all, but right now it’s still too close, so that’s for another time.
But it meant I spent the next two weeks arranging to travel to Oregon for her funeral and coming to grips with a huge part of life not being there anymore. Thoughts of writing, or planning, were light years down the list and I got next to nothing done.
So, November began, and I decided to just…wing it. No outline, nothing but vague ideas, and CHARGE!
As of Sunday night, the word count stood at 5,285 of 50,000. Right about on target.
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