Bubblegum Crisis: Third Arc casting soon!

NenethumbWe’re in the process of tidying everything related to the third arc of BGCAD episodes in preparation for actually casting them.

So, what can we tell you about the the episodes? *evil grin* you’ll just have to wait for the preview special when it’s ready, hopefully sometime next month.

Hopefully, the casting call should be ready by this weekend, so watch this space for updates! Or better, yet, subscribe to our news feed over yonder! <—

EMERGENCY RECAST for Bubblegum Crisis!!

The voice actress we had lined up for the role of Ceilia Stingray cannot continue and we need to replace her PDQ!
If you are, or know, an amateur voice actress who would be interested in the role then head over to our auditions page for more details.
All auditions must be in by October 12th, at 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Thanks, and good luck!

Of Seas and Bubbles…

Two weeks after Sea of Stars comes to a close, it is my happy privilege to announce that Sea of Stars: Invasion! has been nominated for the 2011 Parsec award for Best Audio Drama: Short Form. So far, we’ve just cleared eligibility, we’re see what happens down the line.

On the other side of the street, Bubblegum Crisis is shaping up nicely! Lines are coming in and the first episode is sounding phenomenal. There will probably be another casting call for the SECOND arc of episodes in the near future. This one would be significantly smaller than the first, but contain several key roles for the future of the series. As always I’ll keep you posted.