New Call for Auditions!

We currently have an open audition for Bubblegum Crisis over on our auditions page.
We have everything from major baddies to teenage mad scientists to smarmy business executives on the docket and we need help big time! If you’ve ever wanted to try voice acting, now’s your chance!



O Hai.

Yeah, pardon the dust. We’re still on Hiatus, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work trying to churn out a slate of awesome releases for 2015. I just wanted to give you all a look beneath the curtain as it were at what is in the works.

First off, our goal is to not need another long break like this ever again. To that end we want to have a solid YEAR of material ready to release before we make our glorious return. The idea is that episodic shows like Bubblegum will still release weekly, but FMP Presents and Forward March will release one episode in a staggered monthly pattern.

For example (and this isn’t really the schedule guys, don’t hold me to it) in June you may get the next three episodes of Bubblegum, July will see a Forward March and August an episode of FMP Presents and so on. The idea is to keep the schedule realistic while not allowing the waiting period for finished projects to balloon as it has previously.

SPEAKING of Bubblegum… The original animated series was just released on bluray. I cannot recommend that enough. Furthermore, since they had so much room the included a truly STAGGERING number of subtitle tracks so even if English isn’t your first language, they probably have you covered. Here’s a link:

2015 is looking like a great year for FMP, we hope to have a lot of great audio for you soon.

Bubblegum Crisis: The Audio Drama “Blades: Episode Four”

bgcad-album1-250The FOURTH SHATTERING episode of Bubblegum Crisis: The Audio Drama is live!
“In the aftermath of the Edogawa riot, the true shape of Cybergenics’ menace becomes clear. Flint’s lust for revenge and power will rock the Mega City, if not the world, to it’s very foundation.
Website: Here
Episode Direct Download: Here
Forward Momentum Podcast Feed: Here

Blades Episode 4, Delayed…

Hey folks.

As you might have guessed, there’s no new episode of BGC this week. Due to reasons beyond my control the server just can’t handle the sheer epicocity that is the concluding episode. HOWEVER, the IT gnomes assure me that the episode will release on MONDAY AUGUST 5.

To help make up for the long, dry, two weeks without a new episode, we’ve got something extra for you. First, the episode is nearly an hour long (yikes!). Second… hang around till after the credits. We’ve got a small surprise in store. ^_^