About Us

Forward Momentum Productions is a fan organization dedicated to audio drama. What is an Audio Drama you ask? Well, back before television they used to run dramatic programming on radio, leaving it up to the listener to envision the events a group of actors, or maybe just a narrator was reading live. The result is rather like listening to a book on tape. Just as no two people envision a scene in a novel quite the same way, no two people would see a radio drama scene in the same fashion either. This helped give rise to a concept that is the very motto of FMP: “The Cinema of Your Imagination.” You don’t just listen to our stories, you experience them in a very personal way.

Sounds neat! How do I help?

Check our Auditions and Upcoming pages to see what’s in the works. We’re always looking for anyone willing to lend a voice or editing assistance. Most times enthusiasm counts for more than vocal talent. Besides, we keep all auditions around, just in case a role comes up you might not have considered. All you need is an Internet connection, a microphone and some free software (we recommend Audacity: free and easy to use).

Do you do original work, or just fan stuff?

As of now, all our projects are fan-work. But we have an original production or two rattling around in the works.

But what about Copyright?

As we said, we’re a group of fans. We never accept money for our work, it’s done as a labor of love. The stories we work with are, when you boil it down, fanfiction. We don’t own Star Wars for instance, but we do Star Wars audio drama. We have no affiliation whatsoever with the companies whose intellectual property we use nor do we claim to. The simple fact is that if your work is COMPLETELY original (no borrowed IPs, music or sfx) then you have full rights to it. But if a single thing isn’t your own work, then it’s a fan-production and it’s better not to claim any rights at all. Put in the best light, what we do is the gray side of legal. We never claim credit for work that is not ours, nor do we want to step on anyone’s toes. If a copyright holder feels we’ve stepped over the line, we will gladly honor their wishes. What we do here is for fun, and love of a dying art form.

So why do it?

Frankly, because it’s fun. There’s no better feeling than watching a scene you write come together with people’s voices. Suddenly the words are alive and the scene is more than just words on a page.

Any other questions? Our contact information can be found on the Auditions page.

Thank you for your interest in FMP.