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Please submit your auditions TO THIS LINK with the subject line “Auditions for…” and the name of the production.
Forward Momentum Productions, is announcing a casting call for the final two arcs of our Bubblegum Crisis project.

The original Bubblegum Crisis, is a sprawling anime video series focusing on the adventures of a band of high-tech female mercenaries, known as the Knight Sabers. It was steeped in corporate intrigue, commentaries on what it means to be human, and fast-paced rock ‘n roll action. It was also an early proving ground for some of the biggest names in anime over the last three decades.
Set in the year 2047, the Bubblegum Crisis Audio Drama (or BGCAD) is an original take on the cyberpunk anime classic. We’re drawing from the mythology of both the original video series and the Tokyo 2040 TV series, as well as their various offshoots. It will feature a great deal of the original music from all the various anime, as well as a few other sources to create a truly unique vision of the world of Megatokyo.
This production is more a “podiobook” than a traditional audio drama, which means that some roles in this production are quite large. At the moment, the first two “arcs” of 30-60 minute episodes have been released at .
The stories are told first person, with the narrating character changing scene to scene. As such, the amount of work can shift from as much as half the dialog, to only a few lines on an episode by episode basis. Time estimates for each character’s recording time are provided.


All auditions should be in mp3 or wav format, at or near CD quality if you can manage it. Naming convention is the standard “Character Name_YOUR NAME.mp3”. All audition lines for a single character in a file is fine. Critiques available upon request.
General advice: this project is NOT Pokemon, or MLP. Cute, chirpy voices are not appropriate for any of the roles.


Largo – Male, thirties-forties, no specific accent required. Estimated recording time: 2-3 hours.
Largo is a charismatic madman. A Human-Boomer hybrid (basically a cyborg), he’s a new type of life-form who sees himself as a messiah figure for the oppressed Boomer masses. Largo is suave, manipulative and utterly ruthless. This is a chance to play a scenery-chewwing megalomaniac James Bond villain of the highest order. Have fun with it.
Note: it’s a bit of a spoiler, but basing Largo’s voice off the character of Mason (Sample at: at the 16:05 mark) would be an excellent idea.
Audition Line #1: (He’s talking about lethal hunter-killer androids.)
“All my children are special, but these… They stood apart. Sleek and lethal, they had been made for a single purpose. It was a shame really. Should the old fool at Genom have his way, they would never realize that goal, and it was one we shared.”
Audition Line #2: (He’s very annoyed that his enemies are making him work.)
“It’s truly amazing how you people continue to piss me off.”
Mackie Stingray – Male, late teens, no specific accent required. Estimated recording time: 1-2 hours.
Website Bio – “Mackie has the best life in the known universe. An eighteen year old kid who spends his days tinkering with motorcycles and high-tech gadgets, and his nights fighting crime surrounded by babes in powered armor.
At least, that’s what he tells himself. In actuality, he’s the Knight Saber’s chief grunt. He drives the truck, does the lion’s share of the maintenance on their equipment, and more less lives at his sister’s beck and call.
It’s easy to underestimate Mackie. The boy is something of a goofball. He’s always making jokes, or scheming about how to get cameras into the changing rooms… In other words, he’s a typical teenager.
He seems very content to just drift along through life. He just finished high school and has no plans to go on to college, nor any desire to go get a job… but the fact is, he doesn’t have time. Mackie is as dedicated to the Knight Sabers’ cause as the girls are.
While not as apparently gifted as Celia is in the brains department, Mackie is no slouch. She may have designed the the Hardsuits, but Mackie is the mad genius behind the auxiliary weaponry and augmentation systems they use in combat.”
Note: This is a recast of a character who has had many previous appearances, so we’re trying to match the voice as close as possible. (Sample at: at the 18:30 mark, the young male voice.)
Audition Line #1: (Five feet of angry red head is pointed right at him and he’s trying to talk her down .)
“Nene… you, you know the rules. We CAN’T call you from here while you’re at work. It’s a security risk…”
Audition Line #2: (Some one asked if he had a crush. He’s protesting too much.)
“For Nene? No way! She’s rude, and abrasive and stuck on herself…”
Executive 1– Either Gender, middle aged. Estimated recording time: 10 minutes Excellent role for new actors.
Business higherup who feels threatened by a newcomer.
Audition Line #1: (Stiff, but agreeing)
“Very well, we will follow your orders, in accordance with company policy as interpreted by Mr. Takahara. Acceptable? ”
Audition Line #2: (patronizing someone you think is quite dumb.)
“Then we’ll just shut down the links to the servers and systems there… ”
Audition Line #3: (surprised and shocked.)
“What, you’re just LEAVING? ”
Newsreader– Either Gender, late 20’s or older. Estimated recording time: 30 minutes Excellent role for new actors.
Person on the daily news program. Perky but professional. They will be reading news about a “terrorist incident” that’s been repeated often enough for the edge to have worn off.
Audition Line #1:
“This is Mediabreak AM for the morning of March 31st, 2047. Good Morning, Megatokyo.”
Audition Line #2: (The name Genom rhymes with Venom.)
“Continuing our coverage of developing stories… Person, or persons unknown have declared war on the Genom corporation.”

Thank you for your interest in our project!