FMP is going NaNo!

NaNoWriMo that is.

nonowrimologoFor those who have no idea what that odd looking word is, NaNoWriMo is a syllabic acronym for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to sit down and write a 50,000 word manuscript in one month. It’s not a competition with anyone but yourself. The goal is to motivate all the folks out there who always WANTED to write, but never did for one reason or another.

But Dev, you ask, do you even write books?

Never fear, faithful Internet! I have a cunning plan.

Vader_Thumbs_UpSee, only people who write non-fiction set out to write books per se. Fiction is a story, put simply. Formats change depending on the media, yes. But at their cores all fiction writers are story tellers. As such, I don’t think it’s that big a fudge if I write scripts for future production. After all, the first three arcs of BGC (the one we released this summer and the two currently in production) total about 65,000 words (sans credits) so I say…. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The best part, you get to follow the madness as I transform into a word-count obsessed, fiction production MACHINE. I’ll post weekly recaps here, but if you want to see the gibbering insanity on a daily basis, keep an eye on my twitter feed @devincx .

The goal is 50k words by the end of November. Can I do it?

Darn skippy I can! FMP doesn’t march on the future, we CHARGE IT!