Behind the scenes…

Let me take you to the other side of the curtain for a second…

The last couple of weeks have been pretty incredible for FMP. Not only did we wrap up the casting call of BGC Arc Three, but a lot of the fresh talent have gotten their material in already. Not only that, the few recasted roles have been steadily filling in their backlog. All this means that the show passed a staggeringly important milestone the other day…

Principal voice acting and editing of the first arc is complete.

Now, I know it’s been a long road for the faithful 39.5 out there… But your patience is about to be rewarded. We don’t have a firm release date as yet, but the show should FINALLY be coming out in the next month or two at the latest.

So, keep a weather eye on the horizon folks, it won’t be long now!

Casting is closed.

The casting call is now closed. Forward Momentum Productions thanks you all for your interest in our Bubblegum Crisis project.

We’ve gone over those submissions that made our ‘short list’ and have contacted the chosen talent via the email address they used to audition.

For most of the casting process, we’ve been faced with very tough decisions. The depth of talent has been astounding. Despite occasional snags, the problem hasn’t been finding enough good voice talent, quite the opposite. It’s been finding a way to use the highest number of the excellent candidates in what is, frankly, a very small production.

If you weren’t selected this time around, it is no reflection on your ability. Some roles had as many as twenty people on their short list. Rest assured we keep all auditions on file and add every submitter to our contact list. If we have a role in the future we think you’d be good for, we will let you know BEFORE public casting calls go up.

Once again, we thank everyone who auditioned.