EMERGENCY RECAST!!!! We need a Nene!

Ohmigosh folks, this is dire.

You know those moments when Mr. Wizard would try to melt a penny on the back of a kid’s hand with a blowtorch and the kid would flee screaming? What would Mr. Wizard do? He’s look into the screen and say “we need a new Timmy!” Well, we need a new Timmy. Or actually, a Nene.

This is an urgent request for all adorably voiced ladies to head over to our auditions page and answer the call for a new NENE. That’s right, the cute-loving defender of cyber-justice needs a new voice and she needs it PDQ!

This is going out to all corners of the internet so tell your friends, your family, your pets (well, maybe not the pets). In a word, HELP!!!!

((FMP wants you to know that no Timmys were ever harmed in the production of our fine audio dramas, nor on the Mr. Wizard show, which was awesome AND educational.))