Forward March Episode Thirteen!

Forward Momentum Production’s news and information podcast, “Forward March!” is our “highly irregular, irreverent and ir….um…we need another adjective” podcast that’s your source for everything FMP.

Enjoy your thirty or so minutes as Dev the Duct Tape Bandit drags you through news about FMP projects, a few tips and tricks that are surprisingly useful to the audio-dramatist, and then we’ll hang out around the water cooler for whatever is on Dev’s mind (since we kinda doubt there’s anything IN it…)


This time around…

In The News, MORE BGC casting! Sea of Stars wrap specials and….MORE new Yamato?

Tips and Tricks, continues our “The Complete Idiot’s (namely me) Guide to Creating an Audio Drama”. This time, we finally make it into basic editing. We’ll also spend a few minutes discussing philosophy and dialog stitching.

No Feedback… nobody wuvs us. ;_;

Around the Water Cooler… Voltron. Is. Not. A. VERB!

You can find it under the Forward March! tab on the website

See ya next time!