First Lines in for BGC

The other day, barely 48 hours after casting ended, we received the first lines for the Bubblegum Crisis audio drama. Thus begins the period that drives me craziest in the whole process. The anxious checking of email, the twitchy anticipation, the bald-faced impatience that is wanting to edit scenes that have no lines as yet.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some passive-aggressive attempt to hurry the cast to record. At least, it’s intended to be.

It’s just… You know that scene in the film “One Crazy Summer” (if you’ve never seen it, GO SEE IT NOW, hysterical movie) where the oddball uncle shuts himself up in a room all summer to listen for a million dollar radio jungle to come on so he can win a contest? How he looses a little more of his mind every day as the slow grind continues? Yeah, I’m so there right now. ^_~

So don’t mind me. I’ll just be shut up in my little room, with a three-month supply of Mt. Dew Livewire and Atomic Spaghetti O’s. Listening to my radio and obsessively checking my email over my phone…. With a handy bazooka propped in the corner.

(And if you don’t get that, your homework assignment is to go see the movie.)

The Revenge of the Return of the Blog Monster!

I dunno, maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment…

After doing manual updates for the last several months, I decided to give WordPress another try. Hopefully all the needed lessons have been learned, all the floggings have sunk in, and all the technical mumbo has been sufficiently jumbo…ed.

The primary reason for going back is a simple one, I want you, the audience, to be able to get up-to-the minute information about FMP without having to type in our ridiculously long url all the time.

I dunno if the old archives will ever be reproduced on this blog or not, but hopefully the blog news feed will make your time with us easier, and much more enjoyable., version 4.0, LAUCNHING!!!