Sea of Stars: The FINAL Episode

Sea of Stars album art“…Before the Dawn”

This is it. There’s nothing more to be said, there’s nothing more to be done. It all comes down to the next few minutes, and a small gathering of allies. Fate will be tested, and legends will be born, or die in the cold ether of the universe.

This, is the final episode of Sea of Stars.

Available on the Sea of Stars mini-site or via direct download.

Sea of Stars: Episode Eleven

Sea of Stars album art“Always Darkest…”

This is it, night has fallen.

The Comet Emperor begins his final assault on Earth, his goal not to re-conquer it, or to enslave her people… but to obliterate humanity from the cosmos. Driven mad by grief, Jahmorta cannot rest until those who took his son, his beloved Zordar, are utterly destroyed.

Earth’s allies stand united, but they look upon Jahmorta’s armada and see their doom upon them. Despite it all they cling to one, slim hope. After all, it’s always darkest before…

Available on the Sea of Stars mini-site or via direct download.

Google amusses meh.

Today, on a whim I typed “Bubblegum Crisis” into Google and this was on the first page. Now, I know that the way Google ranks is different for everyone and it involves a formula that makes the College Football Championship seem downright simple, but this still amuses me. Why, you ask? Cause the fanlisting above my blog entry belongs to my fiancee, Jen.

Sea of Stars: Episode 10

Sea of Stars album art
“Betrayal at New Telezart”
There are things we would never do, or so we tell ourselves. Lines we’d never even approach, much less cross. But life isn’t fair, and people aren’t made of granite. We all have our faults we all have our breaking points, and we all have our price.
It’s easy to think that those around us are, as they seem. It’s comfortable to assume they’ll never change.
The wolf doesn’t need sheep’s clothing, if you think it’s a loyal dog.

Available on the Sea of Stars mini-site or via direct download.

First Lines in for BGC

The other day, barely 48 hours after casting ended, we received the first lines for the Bubblegum Crisis audio drama. Thus begins the period that drives me craziest in the whole process. The anxious checking of email, the twitchy anticipation, the bald-faced impatience that is wanting to edit scenes that have no lines as yet.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t some passive-aggressive attempt to hurry the cast to record. At least, it’s intended to be.

It’s just… You know that scene in the film “One Crazy Summer” (if you’ve never seen it, GO SEE IT NOW, hysterical movie) where the oddball uncle shuts himself up in a room all summer to listen for a million dollar radio jungle to come on so he can win a contest? How he looses a little more of his mind every day as the slow grind continues? Yeah, I’m so there right now. ^_~

So don’t mind me. I’ll just be shut up in my little room, with a three-month supply of Mt. Dew Livewire and Atomic Spaghetti O’s. Listening to my radio and obsessively checking my email over my phone…. With a handy bazooka propped in the corner.

(And if you don’t get that, your homework assignment is to go see the movie.)