FMP Nano, Week 2

So, ok. Here we go.
Nothing terribly dramatic this week. At present, we are at 15,765 words, which is 735 ahead of schedule. Awesome so far, right? Yeah, maybe.
See, I think I ran headlong into a problem. I don’t know if I have enough story to hit 50,000 with BGC. Bear in mind, lest you think I’m short changing the story, that BGC arcs 1-3 already clock in at over 65K words. The arcs tend to average 24K words each.
Which is kinda the problem.
I’m not sure there are six arcs in the story. It might end at five. (Waiting for the obligatory joke about bubblegum popping).
Never fear though faithful Internet! I have a cunning plan.
Should BGC conclude below 50,000 words, I have an awesome short story idea that will be thrown in gratis.
Does it break the laws of Nanowrimo? Like Han Solo stepping on an Endor twig, but that lead to cool things too, right?

FMP Nano update!

nonowrimologoTime to bring everyone up to speed on the first week of FMPNaNoWriMo! It’s been and odd ride so far, so here goes.
The basic upshot was, I planned to write three arcs worth of the Bubblegum Crisis Audio Drama over the month of November. I’d begun outlining, planning. I even had a rough draft, but it frankly sucked so I trashed it and began a new with the planning in early October. I got a lot of work done in the first half of the month, but dark clouds loomed. Unfortunately, the end of October proved to be a really awful time plan for a major writing project.

ggctinyI always knew we were going to lose one weekend near the end of the month to a convention down in Seattle. Geek Girl Con 13 was a lot of fun and extremely interesting. We spent most of Saturday in the lower levels, playing board games and even getting in a really fun Star Wars RPG session with the new game. Highly recommended!
Unfortunately, Sunday… Around 11AM I got a call that my Paternal Grandmother had entered hospice care. She died just as we reached the hospital.
I’m working on a blog post about my Nana, and how important she was to me not just as a grandmother, but as a writer. She was a really special lady and I want to share her with you all, but right now it’s still too close, so that’s for another time.
But it meant I spent the next two weeks arranging to travel to Oregon for her funeral and coming to grips with a huge part of life not being there anymore. Thoughts of writing, or planning, were light years down the list and I got next to nothing done.
So, November began, and I decided to just…wing it. No outline, nothing but vague ideas, and CHARGE!
As of Sunday night, the word count stood at 5,285 of 50,000. Right about on target.
If you want to follow the daily updates, follow me on Twitter @devincx.

Yamato 2199 Concludes…

2199-1Excuse me while I break pattern for a second. This post will be at best only tangentially about an FMP project, but since it’s about a reboot of the show that inspired our own Sea of Stars, I hope you’ll forgive me.
Today in Japan, and across shortly thereafter across the Internet, the TV series Space Battleship Yamato 2199 came to a close. It finished with 26 episodes, the same as the original series upon which it is based, but despite being a drastic re-imagining (you all know my loathing of that term) of a nearly forty-year-old show, 2199 stands as one of the best anime to air in recent memory.
OK, that’s just my opinion but let me back it up. I’ll even try to avoid major spoilers too, since defending 2199’s awesomeness isn’t hard enough.
First, 2199 did not take a wholly original story and slap a coat of Yamato paint over it. That’s what the Galactica re-do did, and it’s why I hate that series so much. After about episode three, the Syfy version had as much to with the original as it did with bagging groceries. 2199 stayed faithful to original without being a note-for-note clone.
What’s more, the tweaks contributed greatly to the story. We got much more details on both the enemy civilization, and the people who comprised it. 2199’s “Alberto” Dessler is a much more nuanced and complicated person than his original incarnation. Further, the idea that Gamilas Empire is not comprised of a single world’s population neatly side-steps the oddest question of the original anime. In the original show, about episode 7 or so, the Gamilon’s skin color changed from pinkish-tan to blue for no apparent reason (actually, it had to do with marketing and negative reactions but that’s another post). In 2199, the almost Caucasian looking enemy troops are merely from a conquered world, now swerving the Empire to improve their lots in life. It’s the same idea we used in Sea of Stars, incidentally *mental back pat*.
2199-2On a side note… They did pull a Starbuck and gender-swap a fighter pilot. However, I put it to the Internet that Akira “Rei” Yamamoto is a far more interesting person than the ultimately anticlimactic Cara “Starbuck” Thrace… and that’s WITH the usually soft-paced and subtle Japanese style of characterization. It was really great to see a female Cosmo Tiger who MADE SENSE as a fighter pilot.
Speaking of genders, that’s something that 2199 did AMAZINGLY good at. The original show suffered from the token-female trope in the worst way possible. Aside from a few crowd shots in a single episode, there was only ONE woman on the entire ship. That’s an HR disaster looking for a place to happen…and it did, several times as I recall (who programmed that damn robot anyway? He was second-biggest perv in anime). 2199 introduces a whole horde of new female crew members. Even if it does still suffer from the sexy-bodysuit-as-uniform problem, they aren’t there to be fan service and nothing else. Also, they deserve a high-five for something else as well… there were several characters, men and women (even if only in crowd shots for the ladies), who were definitely not the narrow-waist big-bossom/ bulging muscles types who dominate anime. I thank the character designers for realizing not everyone is Ken or Barbie.
Also, unlike Syfy-Galactica’s tribal drumbeat-based soundtrack, 2199 KEPT and only slightly updated the music from the original. If you heard Sea of Stars, you heard a lot of the music from the original Yamato series, and you know why I’m so grateful for it.
Of course, to be fair, 2199 isn’t perfect. There are characters who are utterly useless, and a couple episodes that are more-or-less placeholders in the overall scheme of the show, but these don’t really detract. Not even ditching the iconic classic opening music for a song by Uverworld at episode 16 was really all that bad. The song doesn’t fit in the least, it’s sort of like the music for the next Star Wars being done by Metallica, but it’s not a deal breaker.
In fact the only real bummer is, it’s gonna cost the average person hundreds of American dollars to see the show on blu-ray (English subtitles ARE included). There IS however, hope on the horizon. See, the folks who made the show, have held onto the rights and…
logoThey even have at least one episode that’s been DUBBED into English. Oh yeah baby, here we go. *crosses fingers and prays*

Blades Episode 4, Delayed…

Hey folks.

As you might have guessed, there’s no new episode of BGC this week. Due to reasons beyond my control the server just can’t handle the sheer epicocity that is the concluding episode. HOWEVER, the IT gnomes assure me that the episode will release on MONDAY AUGUST 5.

To help make up for the long, dry, two weeks without a new episode, we’ve got something extra for you. First, the episode is nearly an hour long (yikes!). Second… hang around till after the credits. We’ve got a small surprise in store. ^_^


Behind the scenes…

Let me take you to the other side of the curtain for a second…

The last couple of weeks have been pretty incredible for FMP. Not only did we wrap up the casting call of BGC Arc Three, but a lot of the fresh talent have gotten their material in already. Not only that, the few recasted roles have been steadily filling in their backlog. All this means that the show passed a staggeringly important milestone the other day…

Principal voice acting and editing of the first arc is complete.

Now, I know it’s been a long road for the faithful 39.5 out there… But your patience is about to be rewarded. We don’t have a firm release date as yet, but the show should FINALLY be coming out in the next month or two at the latest.

So, keep a weather eye on the horizon folks, it won’t be long now!

2013, We don’t just march on the future, we CHARGE IT.

I’m not gonna lie, 2012 was a bit of a dull thud.

We didn’t have any major releases, (although we have so much nearly ready to go it’s kind of criminal), heck we seemed to lurch form one emergency to another.  But the good news? There’s a reason they call it the PAST, but cause it’s behind us.

2013 is promising to be a major year for FMP. Bubblegum is so close you can taste it…No, wait, that’s leftover fruitcake. But it IS really dang close. The first arc is missing a single role and some tidying up. The first arc of episodes will run four episodes and will probably see bi-weekly or weekly release once it’s all ready to go. The second arc of episodes is also in production and will come a couple months thereafter. Bubblegum Crisis has been an amazing project to work on, and promises to be a serious turning point in FMP storytelling.

And that’s not even the BIG news. We still have one or two items to get in line but there’s going to be a major announcement in the next couple months regarding what’s in the pipeline for later this year. All I can say for now is FMP is going back to it’s roots in a big way.

Heck, if we’re lucky, there may even be a new Forward March soonish. You never know. ^_~

For those who’ve hung in there with us, I appreciate it. You’re why we do this thing. Now hang on, we’re setting course for the sun!