Bubblegum Crisis: First Episode is LIVE!!!

bgcad-album1-250The first episode of Bubblegum Crisis: The Audio Drama is live!
“Megatokyo is not a second Eden, but that doesn’t mean its not without its serpents. A young couple in the city’s poor rift section are about to become caught up in the early stages of a desperate war fought in the shadows cast by the Mega City’s gleaming fortresses of wealth and power.”
Website: Here
Episode Direct Download: Here
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Walking and chewwing gum at the same time…

Quite often when a website or a blog or some amateur endeavor takes the time to quote Monty Python and affirm “We’re not dead yet!” they’re usually denying reality.
Except in our case!
We really aren’t dead yet! OK, I admit, there were moments there. It got sort of grim and dark and there were harps and crying relatives and long tunnels with big lights.. But thankfully, it just turned out to be a subway station with some depressing street buskers.
In fact FMP is beginning to flourish. We’ve got Bubblegum Crisis: The Audio Drama looming on the horizon and a whole host of goodies coming down the pipeline in the not far off future.
And the future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.

Sea of Stars: The FINAL Episode

Sea of Stars album art“…Before the Dawn”

This is it. There’s nothing more to be said, there’s nothing more to be done. It all comes down to the next few minutes, and a small gathering of allies. Fate will be tested, and legends will be born, or die in the cold ether of the universe.

This, is the final episode of Sea of Stars.

Available on the Sea of Stars mini-site or via direct download.

Sea of Stars: Episode Eleven

Sea of Stars album art“Always Darkest…”

This is it, night has fallen.

The Comet Emperor begins his final assault on Earth, his goal not to re-conquer it, or to enslave her people… but to obliterate humanity from the cosmos. Driven mad by grief, Jahmorta cannot rest until those who took his son, his beloved Zordar, are utterly destroyed.

Earth’s allies stand united, but they look upon Jahmorta’s armada and see their doom upon them. Despite it all they cling to one, slim hope. After all, it’s always darkest before…

Available on the Sea of Stars mini-site or via direct download.