New Call for Auditions!

We currently have an open audition for Bubblegum Crisis over on our auditions page.
We have everything from major baddies to teenage mad scientists to smarmy business executives on the docket and we need help big time! If you’ve ever wanted to try voice acting, now’s your chance!



Auditions Are Open!

We currently have an open audition for Bubblegum Crisis over on our auditions page.

These are primarily smaller roles, but they’re a great way for someone new to voice acting to get their feet wet. Head on over and check it out. New people are always welcome!


Warning: Hull Breach in Progress

This is the moment when, in an episode of Star Trek, they play dramatic music and the actors start lurching around in unison.

It has come to my attention that the first three episodes of Knights of the Old Republic: Outcasts have mysteriously vanished.

(Insert dramatic musical sting HERE)

I wish I could tell you what happened, but the simple fact is I have no idea. The first five episodes of the show aren’t part of the Forward Momentum Feed. At their time of release, we didn’t have permanent internet digs like we do now. So the extremely awesome and kind folks at Star Wars Fanworks let us crash on their cyber-couch.

The fact is though, I’ve always felt vaguely guilty about the fact that our firstborn children aren’t a part of this site. They don’t call or write. They never come by so we can all sit down as a family and have dinner on Sunday night…. OK, this analogy is getting too weird.

The point being, I’ve always wanted to consolidate the whole thing into our feed, but I never got around to it. Now, I’m gonna take the Internet’s hint and finally post them here. In the next couple of days, you’ll see them drop into the feed at irregular intervals.

Thus concludes my long-winded explanation of why a seemingly incomplete series is book-ending our feed for a while.

… Re-routing power to Inertial Dampeners.


EDIT: All five episodes of Outcasts were just uploaded, and the appropriate webpages updated. We appreciate your patience.